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Lawsuit filed against Canada Dry® Ginger Ale - Longevity Soda™
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Got Ginger?

Canada Dry® Ginger Ale doesn’t. Or at least that’s what a federal lawsuit filed in mid-July is claiming.

Julie Fletcher of Bolivar, New York, is upset that Canada Dry® labeled their Ginger Ale soda with the words “made from real ginger,” confusing the average consumer to believe this soda is more healthy than others.

For years, thinking she was doing something healthy for her children when they had a stomachache, Ms. Fletcher gave them Ginger ale as she knew ginger was helpful against nausea.

The lawsuit states, “At the time of each purchase of Canada Dry®, Ms. Fletcher did not know that the Products that she purchased were not made from real ginger.”

Laboratory tests have proven Canada Dry® Ginger Ale is made from carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, caramel colors, and natural flavors. All of which do more harm than good when you are sick.

(And let’s be honest, they do more harm than good when you are healthy, as well!)

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group argues that real ginger IS used to make the ‘natural flavoring’ ingredient, but in response, the suit alleges it’s “a flavor compound comprised predominately of flavor extracts not derived from ginger, and a minuscule amount of a ginger flavor extract,” CBS News reports.

It turns out there is only…get this…a miniscule 0.0002% of ginger compounds in Ginger Ale!

Ms. Fletcher is outraged that Canada Dry® profited millions of dollars off their false advertising with the slogan “real ginger, real taste.” She additionally points to a misleading 2011 commercial where a woman tries to pull a Ginger Ale out of her cooler which is connected to a ginger root and a ginger farmer.  

“Ms. Fletcher believed this meant that Canada Dry® was made using ginger root and was, as a result, a healthier alternative to regular sodas,” said her lawyer according to The Buffalo News. It goes on to state, “The company’s misrepresentations have misled millions of consumers and caused them to pay a premium for Canada Dry® beverages.”

Fletcher’s suit claims Canada Dry® began emphasizing its product “made with real ginger” around 2007, when carbonated soda sales were declining and the drinks were being viewed in a negative light.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar suit filed by a consumer last year in Missouri. In April, a federal judge from the state denied a motion by the beverage giant to dismiss the lawsuit.

Longevity Soda™ was invented because we wanted soda to be truly healthy – featuring real, organic fruit and plant concentrates – and infused with immune-supporting tonic herbs. In fact, our soda concentrates contain 33% or MORE tonic herbs, PLUS all the fruit and plant ingredients. You’ll never run into a Canada Dry®-type situation here!

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