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How to make a healthy Vanilla Cola

Coca-Cola hit on a winning flavor combination when it combined vanilla and cola into one delicious drink they called Vanilla Coke. In its first year on the market, a whopping 29% of all American households stocked the refreshing beverage. The problem is, it’s ingredients are terrible for you! We’ve created our own healthy version of this cult classic we’re certain you’re going to love.

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Lawsuit filed against Canada Dry® Ginger Ale

Got Ginger? Canada Dry® Ginger Ale doesn’t. Or at least that’s what a federal lawsuit filed in mid-July is claiming. Canada Dry® labeling their Ginger Ale soda with the claim “made from real ginger,” is misleading the average consumer into believing this soda is more healthy than others…when it actually isn’t.

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Stress Less with Reishi Mushroom

Stress. We all have it and we all wish we didn’t, amiright? Mount a stress counterattack with Reishi Mushroom and sip your way to relaxation AND longevity.

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